Meditation…God or New Age?

A diagram of the Chakras (originated in India between 1500 and 500 BC) referring to the energy centers in your body. In Gods design we are more than merely physical beings. We are also spirit and soul. Proverbs 20:27 says, “The spirit of man is the lamp of the LORD, Searching all the innermost parts of his being.” The same word for lamp used to describe the spirit of man is Strong’s H5216 and is the word used to describe the lights of the lampstand (menorah) in the Tabernacle. “And thou shalt make the seven lamps thereof; and they shall light the lamps thereof, that they may give light over against it”
Pituitary – spirituality
Pineal – intuition
Thyroid – communication
Thymus – love
Pancreas – power
Ovaries/Testes – sexuality
Adrenals – survival
The Lampstand in the Tabernacle of God is a seven branched menorah. Oil was used to keep the lights burning continually. When pure light is refracted through clouds or a prism, we get different colors, or colored lights. We see these in rainbows and sunrises and sunsets. The energy centers located at the seven main glands of the body respond to, or are activated by, different color lights. Remember that we said that God is the Father of lights? Not just the Father of light, but lights…. Plural.

Is it New Age or Biblical?

Just the image or title of my blog may ward off some people, and understandably. For many years the topic of meditation, negative/positive energy, flow, quantum physics, spiritual awakening and other new age terms have been largely avoided by the Western Christian church. One is light and one is considered darkness or evil. This was a quick lesson I learned as a born again believer in Jesus Christ. If you mentioned yoga, awakening or meditation in church you were more then likely considered to be demon possessed. Yes, it’s sad but true. In fact if you believed or challenged anything biblically in the church I once went too, you were demon possessed or in sin. This legalistic, warped self righteousness is rampant in the western Christian world. It’s also ignorance, a lack of knowledge. It’s time we take back what was created by God(Yehovah) and for God.

My Spiritual Journey

Growing up in a secular home as a child sometimes made me feel left out in the church circle after my conversion to Christianity. Most of the people I first met on my spiritual journey with God were from a Christian home. Born and raised. For me, religion growing up was a 100% independent journey of discovery. My dad took us to church once and after he found out we bailed and went to an ice cream parlour instead, he told our mom that would be the last time we ever went. From the time I was 8(ish), I remember being intrigued by the martial arts and eastern philosophy like Taoism/Daoism, all thanks to those Saturday afternoon Kung Fu matinees and of course the amazing Bruce Lee. You know the those Chinese martial art movies with the English subtitles were the best. Men with pony tails and animal names like, Scorpion, Tiger and Dragon. Man, they could fight, and those flips & jumps, amazing! I often would try these stunts from the couch and I can promise you this, most times they were unsuccessful and not too mention, painful.

The Five Deadly Venoms 1978 King Fu movie

By the age of 20 I had joined a martial art class, specifically Karate. I went to the dojo regularly and practiced my Kata and worked on my sparring skills. I would enter my first Karate competition at 22 as a white belt, and with no white belts to fight, I eagerly chose to fight a yellow belt. I got second place. I also had invested in Bruce Lees book Tao of Jeet Kune Do and started my search for a school that taught this specific method of mixed martial arts designed by Bruce Lee. But soon to my surprise my spiritual life was about to have an overhaul.

Bruce Lee’s Martial Art was a mix of both Western and Eastern styles

My Conversion

At 24 a major shift happened in my life spiritually when I decided to say a prayer and ask the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the son of God, Jesus(Yeshua) to take over my life. And that He did. Yes, it was that simple. I slowly came away from the eastern philosophies and martial arts and poured myself into the Holy Bible and God. I couldn’t understand a word and to be honest I almost gave up a few times, the Thee, thous and thats were overwhelming. However, this life decision changed my course spiritually for the next 25 years and to this day, I still serve God & His son, Jesus. I will do so until the day I die.

“Born Again”
Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”
‭‭John‬ ‭3:3‬ ‭

Spiritual Growth & Truth

Just before 2020 when the world went to poop, I had started studying the Hebrew context of the Holy Bible. I’ll keep this part short but what I will tell you is it was a continued awakening for me prior to seven years before when I discovered the truth about Christmas that it had nothing to do with God at all and everything to do with paganism. Studying the Hebrew exemplified the false truths in the western church about God and the Bible. Many people are ok with these “inconvenient” truths BUT I was not. After being a Bible reader and church attender, I felt absolute betrayal and righteous anger for all the deception I had been led to believe for so long. My journey went deeper and I made my decision to step back from the western church. To this day I have no regrets and have never felt more closer to God than ever before. I began hearing from God and no longer the man made ways of the church and organization. The Bible for the first time became alive as the Hebrew roots taught me the proper interpretations of the word of God.

East meets West

For the longest time I felt like the word “meditation” or “awakening” was a bad word. It’s what I learned in church. I was taught only one language; christianese . The truth is the new age movement and many other religions have counterfeited the Word of God. Meditation was King David’s mantle and survival, frequencies in the human body are made from God. Our Creator is not a Higher Power, He is the power. The power of all.

If you have insight on both sides, the Eastern philosophies and biblical concepts, you can more clearly make the distinct difference. In Eastern or New Age spirituality, you are your own God. All that you learn and do is from “within” yourself. That “within” however which they leave out is the Holy Spirit. As a believer in God (Yehovah) and Jesus (Yeshua), we have the Holy Spirit leading us from within. Meditation is from God. It came from Him, all the way back to Adam. Meditation appears 23 times in the Bible, 19 in the book of Psalms alone. Interestingly, one scripture speaks of the “eye” of God.

“I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.”

Psalm 32:8 KJV

When I think of the “eye” of God, I think of the third eye that new age speaks about. It is invisible, wouldn’t Gods eye be invisible seeing as we cannot see God? Sounds like maybe Eastern spiritual practices took that from the Bible? New age says the third eye can bring about peace, spiritual growth and increased intuition (discernment?). I’ll leave that for you to study.

As I’ve made meditation a huge part of my healing journey from codependency and abuse, I’m connecting more to God and His vast spiritual canvas. He has enlightened me more and more. Whoops, that’s another word that was taboo in the church, “enlightenment”, yet it appears 31 times in the Holy Bible. Christianity uses the terms “revelation” & “conversion”. One religion calls it one thing and one calls it something else and even though New Age would consider itself a separate entity from religion, in reality, it’s not separate at all, just adjusted and distorted.

Gods enlightenment

Quantum physics, God or New age? I will not go into the depths of quantum physics as this is way out of my realm, in fact it’s still on an infant level in science. But one small connection with quantum physics and God is the fact of present energy. Quantum physics and God share one major thing in common, energies. The Universe which God created, is made up of energy. The invisible particles of energy which hold a chair together are the same invisible particles in the words we speak, why do we think Jesus spoke so much on the power of our words? Why is Jesus referred to as the “living word”? I could go on but I hope it inspires you to dig more into the topic of God, the Bible, science and Eastern religion, Judaism, new age and other spiritual practices. You will see most of it is a counterfeit of God & the truths of His word.

Quantum Physics

Keep God out of the Box

I continue to open the box that religion had God in. I meditate my way now whether that is through exercises, deep breathing, music, speaking to God, humming(connecting and healing the vagus nerve), essential oils, lamps, self awareness, reciting scriptures and visualization, etc etc.

I’m also more cognitive of what words I speak, do they emit low frequencies or higher frequencies, higher being healthy. I tap into the Empath part of me which God designed and I monitor the level of energy I give to others, careful not to drain my own energy. I protect my space, my own personal energy. How are we energy?. All matter and psychological processes — thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and attitudes — are composed of energy otherwise known as our soul. When applied to the human body, every atom, molecule, cell, tissue and body system is composed of energy that when superimposed on each other create what is known as the human energy field, designed and created by Yehovah. If you pick up energy off of people, this is a gift God has given you. You can call it intuition, enlightenment, revelation, awakening, etc regardless it is from God(Yehovah). If we were more attuned to our energy and accepted and believed that it comes from God, I believe God would freely give this gift to more people. Faith is the foundation of anything supernatural, one example being our human energy(molecules, cells and atoms) are all unseen. Again, the same molecules, atoms and matter that hold a chair upright and together are another matter of faith. When I sit on a chair I have faith that chair won’t collapse beneath me.

We are energetic beings designed for a purpose and with a divine plan. Sound new age? No, it’s what taking God out of the box sounds like.

It’s important to ask Yehovah for direction and guidance when practicing meditation and seeking spiritual truths. The devil comes with all kinds of counterfeits in the world. Satan often comes as a light many times. So use the wisdom within, the Holy Spirit, your teacher to lead you into all truths.

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  1. I liked youf point about the light of God as being “lights” Also interesting to note that this weekend is the darkest time on the Hebrew calandar, Tisha B’Av. Will our light be the strongest during this time?

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