A Queen, her King and a Crown

I am an old soul trapped in a young woman’s body, or so I think so lol. I’ve always loved time travel movies and although the treatment of women during the 15th and 16th century was not what I would call necessarily great, I would travel there in a heartbeat. I find something about those times mysterious, sexy, exciting and honourable. Men were men and women were women. Men(most) were masculine, honourable, strong, skilled, and most importantly old fashioned when it came to loving their women. Now, do keep in mind most 15th and 16th century movies I’ve watched were romantic, if you ever watched The Outlander, you know what I mean.

The Heart of a Queen

I am going to take a leap of faith here and say that I believe there are still many men in the world today who are looking for an old fashioned woman. When a real woman finds a man she will lay her life down in submission and serve him with her whole heart. In every area she will give him her best. She is loyal and she is fierce to her man. She will make him feel as though he is the only man on the earth. She will adore him and do whatever he asks with dignity. When he is down she will lift him up in whatever way it takes. She will only have eyes for him. She will pour out many words of affirmation to make him feel like he can do anything. She will show such appreciation by her endless affection to him. Her heart is fully in his hands.

Her King

A man is one with honour. He walks in integrity. He is loyal and trustworthy. He will lay his life down for his Queen. He will protect her. He will shower her with gifts. He will love her unconditionally. He will watch over her as she sleeps to make sure she is safe. He will uplift her to those around him. He will put her needs before his own. He will provide for her those things necessary to make their house a home. He will lift up and connect with her. He will listen to her and hear what she is saying and asking for. He will speak kindly of her to others. He will teach his children to honour and respect her.

The Crown

A Crown can be a very heavy with the metals and all the diamonds and stones. In fact, Queen Elizabeth says it’s impossible to lower your head while wearing it and it not fall off. You must always look straight ahead, something a Queen must do when all hell breaks loose around her. She keeps her peace and her dignity.

So how does a modern woman today wear her crown? Does she even feel worthy of a crown, does she see herself as a Queen? Is her self worth based on a man, a career, her children? Does the man in her life treat her like she is a Queen? Or maybe more like a maid servant? An equal? An object of affection? less than? Weak? What happens when a king mistreats his Queen?

King and Queen

The standards of affection have changed over the years between a husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, women and men, however, there are some common foundational qualities that should never be compromised in a relationship such as; LOYALTY, TRUST, COMMUNICATION, and most importantly LOVE. Without these, a Queen can not be a Queen and a King cannot be a King. Their duties, their affections and their rulership over every area of their lives will be unstable and open the door to destruction aka, break ups, separation, and divorce.

A Broken Spirit removes a Queens Crown

As I shared the deep loyalty and commitment of a Queen to her king in the beginning of this post, it’s important to know that it comes with monumental responsibility on the man, her king. When the foundational principles are broken or lacking; loyalty, trust, communication and love, something deep on the inside of a woman begins to break. For some women it’s a sudden realization of the need to break the ties and commitment and move on with their lives. For others it takes a lot longer to realize what’s really happening. They have become broken in their spirit and therefore unable to seek for truth, they are exhausted and hopeless from remaining so long. She can no longer express that unconditional love and desire to please her king. Yet, she won’t give up, she will persist in making it work. She will wait, she will try to change the man, she will continue to keep herself in a place of brokenness because she believes there is no other way to love her king than to lower her self worth, her dignity and self respect, at least that’s what he has made her to believe. Until one day, the Queen has a revelation of who she is, that all along she had another King who has loved her unconditionally even before her birth. This King has been waiting all along. Loving her form a distance. She begins to learn that this King speaks only good of her, he laid down his life for her, he loves her more than she loves herself, more than a man ever could. This King wants to give her whatever she asks for in faith, he has great plans for her, he supports her dreams and he gives her visions. He has a greater purpose for her life and has a great plan. He has opened the door for her to walk in the path she chooses. She now chooses to freedom.

The Demise of a Foolish king

When a Queen removes her crown in the presence of the king, it symbolizes the kingdom is no longer stable. The Queen has made it clear he no longer has access to her or any rights. The king has lost a great treasure by his foolish actions and choices and now must come to terms with the end result, a broken kingdom. The end of an era. The Queen however in her loyalty to a foolish king, does not lose her royalty. She is given a new Crown! Not one made with gold and diamonds but a spiritual crown, a crown that will never rust, never break and one that will last for eternity. The crown of her earthly king was removed for his careless actions. She is not guilty of any wrong doing, except one thing, trying to change the heart of a king. You see, a Queen can not change a king, he is above her and his ego will not change unless he wants too. He is in control of his actions, his thoughts and his words. If he does not guard his character the King above him will eventually remove his crown. He will allow destruction and waste to come near his door.

2 Chronicles 12:14 “He did evil because he did not set his heart to seek the LORD.”

A New Kingdom

A broken queen puts on a new crown for a new Kingdom. She doesn’t look back. She sets her crown upon her head and lifts up her face and shows the world that the king did not destroy her. She has taken the pain and made it her purpose instead of her prison. She is free. She binds her wounds and then let’s them heal and with time she begins to serve a new King. This new King has all the foundational principles she needs to heal, to grow and move on. He is loyal, trustworthy, loving and communicates with her 24/7. She knows in her heart that this King will always be there to the end. That He will never hurt her and now she only removes her crown to serve Him.

And so she gives her new King all of her heart and begins to serve Him.

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