His Gentle Whisper

Often times when we are looking for direction in our lives as a believer in God, we tend to look for the answer through indirect methods. That could be a friend, a song, a book, heck even a billboard advertisement. It’s the human way to do so. We are tangible beings and getting answers to life’s biggest problems should come in tangible ways, or so we think.

Are we listening?

The Pursuit

Where do you go to when the earth beneath you seems to be crumbling? Are you facing something right now that is completely crushing you spirit and soul? I want you to STOP & take a deep breathe right now. Close your eyes and repeat out loud, “I need you God, I want you to SPEAK to me”. Did you do it? Did you hesitate? Did you feel uncomfortable? Did you think it was silly? Or do you think perhaps that you don’t need God to speak into your life? It’s quite possible if you’ve never really asked God to speak to you directly that you would feel awkward or maybe even silly. The truth is my friend, if we become still and truly PURSUE the heart of God, He will SPEAK to us.

The Weight of Life

There once was a man named Elijah. He suffered from deep depression, major fear and was in great despair. Many of his friends were murdered and he was being hunted by the very people who killed them. He had no food, no shelter, no place to call home. He was desperate. Have you ever been desperate? Have you ever been depressed, given up hope? Have you ever felt that death could be the better option? It’s a sad thing to think but it’s a truth that many suffer. Sometimes life’s circumstances can really just seem-UNBEARABLE. This man, Elijah so desperately was listening for the voice of God in the noise instead of the still quietness where God can always be found. Elijah listened in the winds, he listened in the fire and he listened in the earth quake, but God was not there.

Where are you listening for God?

If your like most people, me included, we can go to our friends, family and other outside sources to get advice. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact, God can and will use those in our lives to direct and guide us, however, God wants to speak to us in the stillness, in solitude, just you and Him. This is where relationship is built with God. He wants to speak to us directly. It builds our faith, it heals, and it gives us divine direction in our lives. It was at the entrance of a cave all alone and in his desperation & aloneness that God so gently spoke to Elijah. No bells, no whistles, no earthquakes.

God Always Answers

Lately I’ve had to be still, which for me is very difficult. I’m an extrovert and love to converse with others on every level, however, in this season of my life I have learned that it’s absolutely crucial to be in solitude & quietness with God in order to find the truth & seek direction. Sometimes we can even avoid that stillness and even God for fear that Gods answer may not align with our desires. At the end of the day however, Gods answer for direction is the BEST and most rewarding place to be. Where there is confusion and anxiety, it is not from God and if it’s not from God why would we want it.

Beloved, seek, pursue, and knock and God will be found, and He will lead you.

“I am Yehovah, who teaches you what is good for you and leads you along the paths you should follow.”

Isaiah 48:17

Still Waters

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