The Hydroxychloriquine (Plaquenil) & Covid-19 Dilemma

One month ago a precious woman I follow on IG Young Beauty shared some interesting scientific research she did on a drug called “hydroxychloriquine” otherwise known as Plaquenil. (look it up on IG for detailed explanation under her stories-COVID-19).

She was on to something before many had even heard of this drug.
She did a detailed illustration of the cellular structure & how it works in conjunction with zinc to penetrate the nuclear wall & how the US government was in talks about using it as a COVID-19 treatment.

Surprisingly a week later the FDA pushes through clinical trials by way of an “emergency approval”
in the US & Canada. (Week of March 15th).

The day I watched her explanation about the combination of zinc and hydroxychloriquine by prescription and the benefits of zinc, I went to my natural health food store and ordered 4 bottles of the zinc I take regularly for my plant based diet. (Been taking this supplement for over a year).

By no surprise, my zinc has not come in yet and it’s been four weeks-the customer service rep even told me that was unusual. Well not really, because the world has caught on that clinical trials have already started in many parts of the world with success. (I’ve already researched it and it’s out there, do your research).

You will not find zinc anywhere right now, in fact even two weeks ago I checked amazon and NOTHING!

So I tweeted our government today to give us some feedback on what’s happening with hydroxychloriquine in Canada as I personally have not heard anything. So of course I did some digging myself tonight and came across an interesting article in the National Post.

It turns out that out of four of the manufacturers that make the medicine in Canada, three have no stock & the one has “very limited” stock. How could that be when were not even hearing about clinical trials in Canada except for Alberta which is just underway as of recently.

It also happens to turn out that, well, I’ll let you read the article National Post Here’s just a couple paragraphs that seem a little disturbing;

The Alberta College of Pharmacists, another regulator, said it has received reports of physicians prescribing hydroxychloroquine for ” ‘office use’ to themselves, to family members and when there is no accepted indication (i.e., treatment of COVID-19 infection).”

Pharmacists in Ontario also received prescriptions “for office use.” It was unclear whether those physicians wanted a supply to dispense to patients — when many clinics were closed — or for themselves and family, said Allan Malek, chief pharmacy officer with the Ontario Pharmacists Association.

This is absolutely disgusting to think this could even be a possibility. So now it is no longer a question of giving us some feedback on clinical trials BUT, accountability and proper management of prescription drugs in the hands of those with power.

One more disturbing fact, people with Lupus and Rheumatoid arthritis are in need of this drug and are having a hard time getting it now.

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