Jesus is Beautiful

It’s 12:45am on a Saturday night and as I lie in my bed to shut down for night, I take that one last glimpse at Facebook to see if by chance I’ve missed any messages from a client. I do not have the messenger app so I go through my FB newsfeed and I come across a post from a beloved sister, Hazel. It’s a song, I thought to myself this will be the perfect night cap. I didn’t even get to my messages, once I placed in my headphones and pressed play, that was it, I slowly entered into a renewed awareness of my Heavenly Father and my sweet Jesus & all that He has seen me through over the years.

Recently I watched an old DVD of my oldest sons first four years.(he’s 18 now). As I watched the video something deep down inside began to shift inside of my soul, I realized I had been an amazing mom & that I still am years later.

Challenges couldn’t stop me

Despite many obstacles I faced during those child rearing days, the loss of a father, loss of an aunt, two premature births, loss of a career, financial hardship, moving in with an aging parent with a disability…..there was something I remembered as I watched these videos, the GRACE of God was showering all over me those days.

Because of my blessed & tender relationship with Jesus, He gave me the ability to RISE above all the obstacles. He taught me to love my precious babies with such a full heart of LOVE that I forgot I had over all these years. My children, my boys were my life and they are my life now, but I am learning to slowly release them back to Jesus so that they can walk their own path with Him now. It’s one of the most difficult seasons in life, letting your babies develop into the man God is calling them to be & you know what? There’s no better person than Jesus to entrust them too.

Dear mommas with little ones, lean on Jesus for everything, your motherhood, your relationships, your short comings, your storms, your marital relationship, ALL that you are. Many of these days will be a blur and they will speedily pass by, learn to let go of the small stuff, TRUST Him even when it doesn’t make sense. He is there with you precious momma and He loves your babies even more than we can, yes, it”s true, even more than us. Know this, you are doing a great job! No one else was entrusted without your babies, ONLY you.

Tonight, the words in that song echoed to me, BEAUTIFUL JESUS! Holy Spirt won’t you come & cover me in LIGHT… the stars coming out & filling my night…the glory of your promises YOU make wrong things RIGHT….BEAUTIFUL JESUS…my glorious friend, the One who never grows weary & stay to the end, OH HOW I LOVE YOU!


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