How to Lose the Weight of Losing Weight

Hold on! Before you close the tab on this blog let me explain what I mean.

Do you ever get tired of hearing,”want to lose weight?” “How to lose weight”, “weightloss secrets”, “eat this and lose 20 pounds”….I could go on forever about all the ads and posts about losing weight. To be honest I’m tired of it!

Does anybody want to be HEALTHY?! Why does society and media put so much emphasis on LOSING WEIGHT? Yes, losing weight can sometimes be a life and death situation as obesity contributes to stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and many other ailments BUT, what if we were to approach people in a way that would focus on their health in every aspect; mind, body and spirit.

Get off the Scale!

The first thing I tell people is to get rid of their scale for at least 2-3 months, I tell them to give it to a friend or give it to your significant other and have them hide it.

Have you ever heard a watched pot of water never boils? It’s sort of the same concept with jumping on the scale every week to see if you’ve lost weight, it can bring more discouragement then inspiration. If you want to have a true reflection of your results then get a measuring tape and track the following body parts on a weekly basis; bicep, chest, waist, hips, and calves.

You see, any workout program you start should have some type of resistance training which means toning & muscle strength depending on the amount of resistance/weight you use, you will either gain weight or stay the same and you will see no results on the scale. What will happen is you will begin to lose inches and usually your clothes will fit better.

Enough about that, I’ll leave that for a training blog.

Health & Vitality is the Bottom Line

For years weight loss has been the consistent marketing giant making millions of dollars off innocent people looking for an answer to their “weight” problems.

When I meet people for the first time or even those I’ve known a longtime, I don’t look at what’s in front of me. I don’t see the extra weight people carry, I don’t start thinking of what diet I could put them on & I certainly don’t sell or promote any weight loss programs. The first thing I want to do is to get to know you-YOUR story.

This is where true “coaching” comes in. If you care about people, you care about them, who are they? where do they come from? are they going through something difficult? Have they gone though trauma in their life? How do THEY see themselves? What are their favourite hobbies, what’s their favourite food? It’s seeing people as human, frail, insecure, scared of change, you know? Exactly like us.

It Starts in the MIND

The mind is a wonderful thing, God created our brains to think and to be creative. It also can serve as a limitless trail of unwanted thoughts & sadness. We have been given power over our minds and we do not need to let every little thought that pops itself in there to stay there, and we don’t have to allow every word or advertisement about weight loss deposit itself in our mind either.

When I met with my first client we met once a week for a month and I didn’t recommend a diet of any kind, I didn’t create a workout program, and I even didn’t take her weight or measurements. We simply met over tea & I got to learn about her more, who she is, where she comes from-HER story. I listened and didn’t say much, she had my complete attention. This is how coaching should be done.

“If you want people to value your leadership, you MUST values people”-John Maxwell. How true is this quote!

Giving people diet programs & even strict workout programs to lose weight before you even truly know them to me is not integrity, it’s strictly just a business to make money from people.

I don’t need to tell anyone who needs to lose weight that they need to lose weight, yes or no? We both know that is the case, however, no matter what program I put someone on, if the heart is broken & the spirit is crushed it will all be a TEMPORARY experience of heightened optimism that eventually will slow down & then eventually finish once a coach or personal trainer is out of the picture. A real goal is setting them up for success even after you are gone.

A great example is the gym, when a Personal Trainer meets with a client the first time (because it’s free)they get the client pumped up and excited after giving them the basics of using the gym and equipment. BUT if you want anymore advice or training it’s gonna cost you & BIG! So the client gets all excited makes themselves all these promises to get in shape and lose weight, and then one day, goes by, they miss , then 3 days, then 10 days and you get the point.

Why? because there was no emotional, or mindful connection with the staff at the gym and likely because they couldn’t afford the costs of a Personal Trainer. More than that though, it’s more likely the mindset of the person. No one has given them coaching on how they should change their mindset or the “how to.”

Speaking into someone’s life is an honour, if someone lets you in their world, consider yourself blessed, especially in the world we live in today. So many people are broken and do not trust anybody. Be careful with the things people share with you, it’s a huge responsibility. -just had to say that .

Size does NOT Measure someone’s Health

I have met unhealthy thin people and I have met unhealthy overweight people. I have also met healthy curvaceous women and healthy thin women. Yes, the two can coexist. Thanks to the breakdown of Body types we can learn that you can have curves and be healthy, you can be thin and healthy, and you can be tall without curves and be healthy. Bone structure, genes and your Biochemistry all have a part of how you look and respond to losing weight or getting into top shape as well what you eat and how many workouts you do, it’s a package deal. More on that another blog).

The key thing is, we need to STOP body shaming and putting pressure on people, especially women to “lose weight”, the ONLY weight a woman needs to lose in the beginning stages of getting healthy is the weight of society and they’re often times uneducated suggestions.

Getting healthy is a”one day at a time” experience. It’s about evolving as you age, as you go through life stages ie, pregnancy, menopause, health changes, unexpected/expected. It’s making small changes each week, each month and each year. It’s about making the changes necessary in your life in order that you may age strong and live with vitality while your here in this earth. It’s respecting the temple you’ve been given to live in temporarily. It’s teaching your children by example.

So let’s PUT OFF society’s standards when it come to our health & what we look like OR “should look like” and let’s start with self reflection, self appreciation right where we are, self love, education and understanding, compassion, and most of let’s start looking past the external and seek for deeper meaning of the internal to have longer lasting transformations.

Disclaimer: I do not encourage or support obesity. Obesity can lead to very dangerous sickness and disease and therefore can harm or even cause death.

If you are concerned about your health or feel you could be at risk for heart disease PLEASE speak to a General Practitioner as your first steps to wellness.

Me and my Olde English Bulldogge Tawnie