Warm Carrot & Ginger Soup

Cold Rainy Days call for Earthy Warming Soup!

It was one of those, throw on your snuggly warm slippers and sweats & watch TV, be lazy and of course, make homemade soup kind of days.

I ran some errands like shopping (it’s all I do with three teenage boys & my husband in the house), at one of my favourite new health food stores, aka Healthy Planet, No Frills was also on the list, and then I checked the mailbox for the first time in a week, it’s mostly junk anyways, agree?

After being outside in the awful wet cold rain I decided it’s a great day for soup, and so the journey began.

Detoxing, Gut issues

After the holidays how many of you do a detox?💁🏼‍♀️ that’s me, only this year I didn’t eat much because of a cold I somehow caught on Christmas Eve…great timing right? Anyways, it’s always something I do right before the New Year, you know some cleaning up of loose ends (lol did you catch that?).

Alright let’s move on, so I shared in a previous blog of some newly discovered sensitivities to certain foods & decided that this soup recipe had to be gluten friendly & anti-inflammatory, so after a little research, I found one (recipe)Anti-Inflammatory Carrot, Turmeric & Ginger Soup , thank you Simply Quinoa!

I knew that if I were going to ease the bloat and gas 🥴, this soup had all the winning ingredients, and speaking of ingredients, have you ever done your research on the benefits of Turmeric ?, if not, it’s time you have. It’s a root plant from the ginger family with some pretty incredible claims from treating cancer to preventing and treating Alzheimer’s disease. Check it out!

Other great ingredients like Ginger and garlic have amazing benefits as well and are good for digestive concerns. One of my top favourite soups is Butternut squash so of course this recipe HAD to have some in it and besides that’s what makes this soup earthy.

Have you ever tried Fennel? Believe it or not this recipe is the very first time I cooked with it. I love it, I think of licorice when I smell it. Not even sure if I could taste it in the soup but it has to be in there for some flavour.

Chopping, Blending & Stolen Bread

One thing I used to hate about cooking was all the chopping involved, but lately I’m not sure if it’s a part of aging but I actually enjoy chopping up veggies & slicing and dicing. Crazy right? I thought so too.:)

Be aware there is a lot of rough chopping in this recipe between the 3 cups of carrots and the 1 cup of butternut squash, you’ve got your work cut out for you(I did it again, puns are fun🙃), I suppose if you have a really good knifec, it won’t be as hard. I need some Heinkel knives(next Christmas present).

If you do not own a Vitamix blender I don’t know what to say except that if you ever have the money to invest in one, I highly suggest it. I’ve had mine now over 8 years and it still works like a charm! Not all green drinks are the same, trust me, you would like how a vitamix blends green drinks, but what I love is the option for making soup, yep, it cooks soup! pretty cool eh? It’s takes only 5-7 minutes and you have fresh piping hot soup.

So, what goes with fresh homemade soup? That’s right! BREAD! So of course when I was out picking up some groceries I picked up two fresh baked sticks of bread(sourdough preferably, but whatever your heart desires). Well, after I finished the soup to the point of simmering I went to set the table and the bread was no where to be found!! Two loaves -GONE!!

How can anyone have soup without fresh bread?!?! The culprits, it tunes out was two teenage boys living in my house. Side note: Quick question for y’all, do any of you hide food from your teenagers or is it just us? Well, having the bread 🥖 disappear and no dipping for the soup, it may start to happen more often.

A Win for the Soup!

Well, Soup was a success, for my husband and I that is. The boys, not so much. I guess the bread was enough or perhaps it was the colour🤷🏼‍♀️ but for us it was delicious! Seriously, if your looking for a great soup (30 minutes from start to finish)that is hearty & healthy and gentle on the belly, this is for you. If your detoxing it’s safe and great for your digestive system.

As you celebrate New Years Eve tomorrow with friends & family…

BE safe & Enjoy!

May 2020 be a great year of blessings, physically, spiritually and emotionally!

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