Adapting & Balancing Personal Nutritional Needs

The Freedom to Choose

As some may know, three years ago I decided to stop eating meat and dairy. My choices were primarily health reasons and animal welfare & our planet. I knew that I would get kickback from people and that’s ok because one thing we need to realize sooner than later is that food choices are exactly that, a choice. If people disagree based on their passion, the great thing is you can write your own blog about your beliefs or choices.

Nutritional choices are also not about being right or wrong, it’s about a journey of learning about our bodies and what works for us, and not necessarily will it always work for others, it’s freedom of choice and respecting each other’s choices.

Media & Persuasion

Now, if you have Netflix or access to the internet you will see an argument for every diet out there today, from Keto to Vegan to Paleo. I will be the first to say that many documentaries will glorify their cause & hammer the opponent that doesn’t agree, and they ALL do it.

This is where we as the consumer and people should make our own personal decisions based on either experience or scientific knowledge that’s been proven, which many diets have not been around long enough or studied enough to backup their claims.

Chemistry & Hormones

As we all know, age is a process that has no bias and with it comes many many transformations, especially for women. For me, this past year and half I started perimenopause: still getting your period but all the symptoms of menopause: when you stop getting your period. Up until 47 (a year ago), I felt like a vibrant, energetic & healthy thirty-something year old. Seriously, I wish I had of bottled it all back then so I could take it now.

It turns out hormones can change everything from the hair growing on your chin & falling out in your head, to your biochemistry and digestive system issues.

Back to the Drawing Board

Lo and behold after recent systemic issues like bloating, stomach pain, nausea and headaches I’ve come to realize after research and personal trial and error my body can no longer digest lentils, beans or legumes, the sad truth is that that’s where a lot of my protein has come from over the years since going plant based. It’s the oligosaccharides, sugars(complex carbs)that don’t digest anymore.

I had a naturopath suggest I take a probiotic or other digestive enzyme to help aid in digestion but I can’t reason eating one thing to support another, although I do think taking a daily probiotic is great for you.

I will be getting some bloodwork done & urine tests to rule out any other possible health concerns but besides coffee and gluten being a huge problem for my digestive system, some things I used to eat just can’t be digested anymore.

After much thought and trial and error the last 3-4 months, especially after experiencing recently horrible systemic issues I’ve decided to include wild salt water seafood(tuna,wild salmon, trout) to my nutrition. 

Labels…blah blah blah

One thing I decided from the get go was that I would never get caught up in the “label trap”, you know, vegan, plant based, keto, paleo, vegetarian, pescatarian, etc etc . One way of eating for the rest of your life is impossible! Don’t believe me, wait till you approach 50! You’ll see, your biochemistry will change and so therefore your nutritional requirements will too.

Labels are like religions, it separates people & causes a lot of useless arguments. Hey! If what your eating is working for you, fantastic! my hope for everyone is that they will be healthy & live a life of vitality and if what your eating is doing that for you….why wouldn’t you eat it?

Moving Forward

I’m so excited to find my balance at this age now as I approach my 50’s it’s more important to me to find that balance and to enjoy those golden years with VITALITY!

I encourage you to talk with naturopaths, holistic specialists and have tests done periodically as you go through different stages of life to make sure your getting optimal nutrition.

Optimal Nutrition;

It’s the difference between “being” and “living”.