When God calls…do you hear Him?

These last several months seem like a blur and it appears there is no sudden relief in sight either.

I Must Sleep

It was a Thursday night and I had just laid down to go to bed. I had left my phone in the kitchen, a new habit I'm trying, and I was really burned out from the day and ready for some shut eye. I had told myself this was night I would sleep 6 hours straight through.

I Heard a knock at the door

As I lay there ready to cross over to La la land, I start to feel this overwhelming presence within me. I knew right away what was happening, it was God knocking at the door of my heart.

My first thought was, "but God, you know how tired I am, you saw all the tasks I had to do today." I'm so sorry God but I just can't stay awake long enough. Please forgive me.

Why would I even think of reasoning my way out of intimacy with the Creator of the world, the Salt of the earth, the Alpha & Omega, the True and living God, what was wrong with me? Deep down I knew I needed to draw closer to the One sure thing in life-God.

The Cares of this world

I quickly realized that it had been months since I had really spent time just listening and waiting on God. BUT, I still ended up falling asleep.

What is it that gets me so off course that I can't prioritize that time alone with God that I so desperately need. It gives me peace, it helps me love the unlovable, it renews my mind and gives me strength to face this crazy life.

Is it my family?, no, is it my job?, no, is it my husband?, no…in all honesty I could say it's a combination, however, it's something far more serious and less obvious; BUSYNESS

The Dangers of busyness

We are all busy, it's a fact of life. We have to go to work, school, raise kids, attend parties, workout, shop etc etc…The busyness I'm talking about is the kind that doesn't have any benefit and only distracts us and brings us down.

An example would be scrolling for hours on Facebook, I will be the first one to say I am guilty of this. Another example could be shopping or watching TV.  Now don't get me wrong, we need downtime to shut ourselves in and reload but if we can spend an hour or more watching Netflix but don't have 5 or 10 minutes to speak with God than something is not balanced and we are headed down a slippery slope.

Shutting Down 

Let's face it, we are living in a time of information overload, unending task lists and to many event invites. We have been programmed just like a computer system to keep going and not stop. I tell you, we so need to implement the "Siesta" of Spain. Everyday people across Spain in the middle of the afternoon rest for an hour. Productivity has been linked to this mid afternoon shut down.

So yeah, that's not ever going to happen here for us in the Western world so we are left to fend for ourselves.  So, what do I try to do?, at least 3 days a week I come home from work and go straight to my room and power nap for about 15 minutes(the odd time I end up sleeping for an hour). It helps me reenergize and reload for the rest of the evening.

I suggest planning a time each day where you shut down completely, it won't always be the same place but just shut down from everything, even if it's just 15 min. Pick a quiet place and do it for 21 days and you will never miss that time time to reload again.

When He calls…be sure to listen

Even though I fell asleep the other night when God was knocking at the door of my heart, I was conscious of my need to slow down and prioritize that time with Him. I am only what I am today because of Him. I have no problem saying I so desperately need Him everyday, every hour, every minute.

One of my favourite songs from years ago is This is the Air I Breathe

I know that these last several months I have been caught up in the "busyness" sometimes as well as trying to build a business and ministry. But one thing I know is we can never afford to compromise our time with God. I've been there too many times, only to end up in a mess. I must be clear that religion has nothing to do with it, it is about building an intimacy with the One who loves you more than you will ever know.

I encourage you today that if you have been "busy" and haven't made the so needed connection with God, stop denying yourself of that GLORIOUS time to be renewed, restored, strengthened & filled up with His amazing love.


















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